Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Dump Loops

With the days getting shorter our opportunities to ride trails after work dwindle.

Fortunately we have several places to ride on the edge of Salmon.  The Dump Loops are on the southeast end of town fit this bill.

These two loops offer plenty of single track and a couple of fun descents if ridden clockwise.

They are both close to 10 miles in length  if ridden from town.  Perfect for a post work ride in the evening before dark closes in.  If ridden from near the Dump itself the bigger loop is only about 4 miles.

There are plenty of cow trails to explore on the south side of the Dump Road too.  You can extend your ride all the way in to Mulkey Creek if you want.

These trails, like the Discovery Hill Trails, also stay dry much longer than most Salmon trails. Both areas become dry enough to ride in early March and stay rideable sometimes well into December.

View Dump / "S" Hill Loops in a larger map

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