Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Elk Creek MT

Top of the Hogan Cr Trail.
CDT becomes singletrack at Gibbons Pass.
Elk Creek has a good singletrack trail along it's length that can be ridden as part of two loops. If ridden up, the climb is relatively gentle.  If ridden down, it can be as fast as you want.  There are a few water crossings but overall this trail is A-1 fun.  Elk Creek flows into Trail Creek and is accessed from MT43 about 5 miles east of the Chief Joseph Pass.

The Hogan Loop climbs Elk Creek Trail, then joins Road 1295 for 1/2mi, descends Hogan Creek Trail then follows Trail Creek Road to complete the loop.  This loop is about 11 miles and has 1100' of vertical.  Ride this loop in either direction, but know that Hogan Creek Trail is steep.
--Download the Hogan Loop GPX file for your GPS here .--

CDT to Elk Creek is the other loop and is 20 miles with about 2000' of vertical.  This loop seems best to ride Trail Creek Road first, as a warmup, to Gibbons Pass.  Then join the Continental Divide Trail and finish by heading down Elk Creek Trail.
--Download the CDT - Elk Cr Loop GPX file for your GPS here .--

All of these trails were clear of deadfall with the exception of the mile long section of trail connecting the CDT to Elk Creek Trail.

Chief Joseph Pass mountain biking trails


This section of CDT passes through
areas recovering from the 2000 fires.
Elk Creek Trail


  1. Thanks for these descriptions. Took a break on a drive south from Missoula and rode Elk-Hogan. Relaxing riding and some very pretty sections. Would have liked more time for longer loop.

    A few logs down on Elk Creek. There is a singletrack connector between Elk Creek and Hogan Creek that but the section in the burn has too many logs down to make it worth riding until it gets some chainsaw love.

    Thanks for all the ride descriptions - great resource!

    1. Thanks for the feed back!!

      We cleared Elk tonight and Upper Hogan up to the CDT. Sometime soon we will suss out that Hogan segment that parallels the road and clear it.