Friday, June 22, 2012

Primped and Pretty

Summer is here and we have been taking the tread up to the high country.  Like bears, many of these trails are a bit haggard after months of hibernation.  We like to clean the trails up so they are more fun for everybody.  Below are a few of the trails that have been cleared of deadfall so far.

To the north, Warm Springs Ridge has been cleared by the Bitterroot crew.

If you know of more cleared trails post a comment a leader not a lurker!

We look forward to clearing some of the bigger rides...Three Mile Ridge, Twin Creek, Twelvemile.

For hikers, a corridor has been cleared through the impenetrable jungle that used to block Henry Creek a couple miles up.  There may be a few trees down, but at least you can get through now, making a hike to the top of Lake Mountain very possible.

Williams Summit - Powderhouse Gulch

Powderhouse Meadow is clear too.

Williams Summit - North Mocassin Trail

There is some deadfall early on here.  Left there to discourage the ATVs from riding where they are not allowed.

Wagonhammer Area - Carl Gulch

Still two large trees down.  We did not have a chainsaw.  The rest is clear.  Carl Gulch needs more riders, the grass is getting thick.  Burns Gulch is yet to be cleared this season.

Continental Divide Trail - Flume Creek Section

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