Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Twelvemile Meadow Trail

Poison Peak and Twelvemile Meadow.
The Twelvemile Meadow Trail is a good alternative for Lime Creek shuttles and a great high-country loop when paired with the North Basin Trail.

A group of riders recently hauled a chainsaw up into the Lemhi and cleared the length of this trail.

This ride will challenge your route finding, your fitness, and your skills, no matter who you are.  Be ready.

--Download the GPX for Twelvemile Meadow Trail here--

Twelvemile Meadow Trail to Lime Creek

Trailmarker at the top of the climb.

Junction of Twelvemile Meadow Trail and Goldbug Ridge Road.

Lotto, Guns, Ammo, Beer...and Chainsaws.

The tough climb from Warm Spring to Lime Creek.

Lime Creek Trailhead on US93.

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