Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Henry Creek Loop

Henry Creek Loop is a short and challenging ride. This ride is only about 4 miles and includes 1000' of climbing w/ a swift steep rather exposed descent.

Park about 1 mile down the Williams Lake Road at a gravel area on the right. Then ride south on the Wms Lake Road to the Henry Creek Trailhead, not quite a mile. The trail climbs up Henry Creek steadily for about another mile before the drainage splits. Stay to the right. From here the trail begins to climb more steeply up to a saddle. Once at the saddle, get on a cow trail that contours to the right in to the drainage. There are several parallel contouring cow trails, stay on the lowest wide trail. This will descend right to parking area. The descent is steep and loose in spots, keep your speed in check.

Be sure reclose any Fence Gates you open to go through.

Henry Creek Loop at EveryTrail

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Monday, June 7, 2010

A couple of Wagonhammer Loops

Here are a couple of fun Wagonhammer loops.  The wildflowers are going crazy after such a wet spring.  It is difficult to focus on the trail!

Wagonhammer double Loop at EveryTrail

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