Thursday, March 24, 2011

Disco Hill is getting Trail Markers!!!

Three loops on the Discovery Hill Trail System will be getting trailmarkers this spring.  We will be installing over 50 trail markers.  A map at the trailhead will show these three loops with different colors, as well as the popular Kirtley Loop and the Bluff Road.  The trail markers will have colored arrows corresponding to the map.  There should be brochure size maps soon as well.

On April 23, the BLM and Salmon Valley Stewardship are hosting a Disco Hill Work Day as part of the Salmon Earth Day events  We are asking for volunteers to meet at 10am at the Disco Trailhead.

There are many trail projects.  Some of us will be picking up trash along the roads.  Some will be installing the last of the trailmarkers and their stickers.  Some will be doing some trailwork on the loops.  Members of the MX community will be participating as well cleaning up the Sacagawea MX Park.

There will be a BBQ back at the trailhead at 2pm.  So bring some gloves, bring your bike or your truck, and your appetite.  We hope to see you there!

If you have questions please post here or call 756-5431.

WOOT!!!  Trail Markers!!

Green is the Owl Canyon Loop.
Blue is the Slump Gulch Loop.
Orange is the Enduro Loop.

The numbered icons on the map below will eventually correspond to numbered Trailposts along the loops.

View Discovery Hill Loops in a larger map