Friday, November 12, 2010

Stein Mountain Shuttle

Stein Mountain Trail has been reclaimed by a YEP crew in summer of 2010. The trail can be accessed via 4th of July Creek Road.

Bring extra brake pads, this descent is 5000' vertical.

There are several choices to this shuttle from the Stein Mountain Trail. Going straight out Big Silverlead gives all downhill. You can ride the gentle climb out of Silverlead and into Burns Gulch. You can add another climb to drop into Thompson and Wagonhammer. Or you can drop into the north trails and come out Trail Gulch or Bills Canyon or Carl Gulch. Bring a map and a GPS until these trails get signs.

No matter how you decide to ride off the top of Stein Mtn... This is a huge descent

Stein Mountain Shuttle at EveryTrail

Elev. Profile of Stein Mtn to Burns Gulch Shuttle Ride.