Discovery Hill

Current Trail Conditions:
Discovery Hill

Discovery Hill has some great singletrack only 2 miles north of downtown Salmon.  Trails are generally smooth and fast and not too technical making them great for all riders.  Riding is great there in Spring and Fall and even Winter during dry years.

Three loops are marked and signed.  Follow the Green Arrows for Owl Canyon Loop, Blue Arrows for the Slump Gulch Loop and Orange Arrows for the Enduro Loop. More specific info on these loops is below the map.

Trail markers also have Yellow numbered Ear Tags on them that correspond to the numbers on the map to help with navigation.

Please avoid these trails when wet - They dry out quickly, sometimes within hours after a rain, so just wait a little while to avoid rutting.

To get to the Discovery Hill Trailhead take North St. Charles Street about two miles and follow the signs.

Owl Canyon Loop:

5.7 miles. Singletrack and twotrack. 710' Up and Down.
Follow the Green Arrows on the trail markers.  Best ridden clockwise.

Enduro Loop

8.7 miles. Singletrack and twotrack. 1120' Up and Down.
Follow the Orange Arrows on the trail markers.  Best ridden clockwise.

Slump Gulch Loop:

7.6 miles. Singletrack and twotrack. 1030' Up and Down.
Follow the Blue Arrows on the trail markers.  Best ridden counter-clockwise.

12 Hours of Disco Course:

7.9 miles. Singletrack and twotrack. 1020' Up and Down.
Follow the arrows on the white eartags on the trail markers.  The course run clockwise.

Bluff Road - Out and Back:
5.3 miles. Gravel Road. 610' Up and Down.

Golway Butte Loop:

20.6 miles. Singletrack and twotrack. 3690' Up and Down. High 6650' and Low 4100'.

Cottonwood Loop:

12.0 miles. Singletrack and twotrack. 1690' Up and Down. High 5070' and Low 4100'.

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