Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Disco Hill and Barracks Lane Trails have seen some improvements during 2013.

The Rippey Loop has a new bridge (installed by the neighboring rancher!) and a couple of reroutes. There is a short reroute around the mud patch at Rippey Spring, dry this year but is usually an obstacle course of logs and rocks.  There other reroute is about 1/4 mile long and adds some climbing to get around the new fence that cuts off the old trail.  Check the Rippey Map below and the photos for details.

Disco Hill has more substantial improvements.  First, the trailhead will be getting a new map very soon to replace the old one destroyed by summer cloudbursts.  It will show three trail additions to the Disco Trail System:  Slump Ridge Trail, Powerline Trail, Spare Rib Trail.

On top of this, the Enduro Trail has had its northern two-track section (aka BLM Road #126) replaced with singletrack! Check the Disco Map below and the photos.

The Slump Ridge Trail and new portion of Enduro Trail both had trail crews improve the tread over the summer. They are riding nicely but need more tires to break them in.  We are currently installing trail markers so be patient (or let us know if you want to join in).  Powerline and Spare Rib are cow trails right now, awaiting improvements...they will get posts after these improvements (again, let us know if you want to join in).

Barracks Lane Improvements

New bridge just east of the wire gate.
New tread just above Rippey Spring.
New tread to avoid the mud pit (when there is mud).
Barracks Lane Map

Barracks Lane - Mulkey Creek on Trailforks.com

Disco Hill Additions

New Enduro Trail where it crosses the two-track.
New connector to Slump Ridge Trail.
Slump Ridge Trail.
Disco Hill Additions Map

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Return of the BlomFest
Blomfest returned to Salmon August 3-11. Many Salmon-folk participated and we were blessed to have visitors from far and wide.

We had 3 totally new rides on the itinerary for the B-Fest this year; Thunder Mtn/Henry Creek, Butcherknife/Ax Park, Bradley Gulch/Sheep Creek.

Look for another "unorganized" Blomfest again next year...Zombie Blomfest Attacks!!!!And more great rides. The pressure is on now to come up with 3 new rides.  We are not worried.

Here is a map and a rundown of the rides below it.
(Click the little arrow thingy on the map legend below to Zoom to that ride)

B.Bever Photo
Day One -
Twelvemile to 
Lime Creek
  • 12.5 miles
  • 2360'up
  • 4660'down
Day Two - 
Thunder Mtn Trail
to Henry Creek
  • 14.5 miles
  • 630'up
  • 6000'down
Day Three -
Big Timber Creek;
Trail Creek to
Snowbank to 
Cabin Creek
  • 26.8 miles
  • 4850'up
  • 4850'down
S.Nieder photo

Day Four -
Big Timber;
Rocky Creek Loop
  • 23 miles
  • 3700'up
  • 3700'down
Day Five -
Lower Stein Ridge
to Wagonhammer
  • 13.4 miles
  • 1300'up
  • 3500'down
Day Six -
Butcherknife Ridge to 
Ax Park/Hughes Creek
  • 15.5 miles
  • 1800'up
  • 5800'down

Day Seven -
CDT (Bradley Gulch)
to Sheep Creek
  • 13.5 miles
  • 2100'up
  • 5000'down

Day Eight -
Divide Trail to
Twin Creek
  • 15.6 miles
  • 2700'up
  • 5500'down
Day Nine -
CDT (Anderson Mtn) to
Threemile Ridge
  • 20.0 miles
  • "All DH"but,
  • 2980'up
  • 5420'down

This is the video Stacey made from 2012 Blomfest footage.

Occupy Salmon 2012 from Doc Nieder on Vimeo.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Audio Live

Pod 1 - Podcast Loop Orientation.
Pod 2 - Recreation and Travel Management.
Pod 3 - History of Discovery Hill.
Pod 4 - The Greater Sage Grouse.
Pod 5 - Lewis and Clark on Discovery Hill.
Pod 6 - The Peregrine Falcon.

Audio Pods for the Lewis and Clark Podcast loop are now available.

Check the Salmon Valley Stewardship Podcast page for descriptions and iTunes for downloads.

The six audio pods were written and recorded by students from the Carmen Charter School and Salmon High School.  Each audio segment is about 2 minutes in length and corresponds to the numbered trail-markers found along the trail.

This trail is 1.3 miles long and starts at the Bluff Overlook parking area. It also shares a section of trail coming from the Discovery Hill Trailhead so you can start there too.

Existing game trail was improved and connected to Disco singletrack to make a walkable (and ridable) loop last summer.  This dirt project was completed by the Salmon Savage Volleyball Team, the BLM, and members of your Salmon Id Mtn Bike Assoc. (Here is the Blog Post about that project.)

Check it out on the map below.

Geschichte wäre anders gewesen, wenn ich Podcasts hören.
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