Salmon's CDT

Close to 140 miles of the 3100 mile Continental Divide Trail is accessible from several places near Salmon as seen on the map below.
Some great loops, shuttles, or overnighters.
Some of these rides can be crazy,  littered with deadfall and huge hike-a-bikes. While others are your "normal" 20 mile MtB outings.
Be prepared for anything from weather to wildlife and all the "W"s in between.
The Montana portion between Carmen Creek and Goldstone Pass has much new trail construction in recent years, but is tough to access from Salmon.  Looping from the Pattee Access off Kenney Creek Road is one way. Heading to start points along the upper Big Hole River for loops is another...Miner Lakes, Slag-a-Melt, Skinner Meadows, Reservoir Lake CG etc.

Scroll down below the overview map for smaller maps of specific rides seen there, and more CDT Resources.

Some CDT Resources

Maps of some CDT Loops and Shuttles near Salmon Listed here North to South.  This is, by no means, a complete list.  Check back for additions.  The TrailForks logo above the maps links to that specific area on the TrailForks website.

Gibbons Pass - Elk Creek Loop

Three Mile Ridge

Stevenson to May Creek Loop

Ruby Creek Loop

Bradley Gulch to Sheep Creek Trail

Carmen Creek to Sheep Creek

Park Creek - Jahnke Creek Loop

Eunice Creek to Kitty Ridge

Wood Road Flume Cr. Loop

Bannock Pass - Little 8 Mile

Elk Mtn - Hawley Creek Loop

Quaking Asp to Big Bear

This page updated Mar 2018; Added FunSuffer trip details.