Chief Joe Pass

Current Trail Conditions:
Chief Joseph Pass
May Creek Area
There are many great rides near Chief Joseph Pass.  They can be accessed from Chief Joseph Pass,  May Creek Campground, Hogan Cabin, the mouth of Elk Creek or Big Hole Pass.  The rides follow everything from beautiful singletrack to game trails to gravel roads.

Tie Creek and Trail Ridge look like promising trails to the east of Elk Creek.  To the north of the CDT is Reimel Creek to east fork of the Bitterroot River.  South of May Creek is Butler Creek, another good trail.  These are yet to be tracked by GPSing Salmonites...they look like great rides on the map.  If you ride them speak up and let us know we are not alone on all those fabulous trails.

Three USFS rental cabins are also available in the area; Gordon Reese Cabin, Hogan Cabin, and May Creek Cabin.  Check these links for pricing and availability.

Winter Multi-Use Trails at Chief Joseph Pass are open to fat bikes and groomed in winter. Access is from the Parking lot just off of Lost Trail Pass summit.
These trails are shown on the little map over there------>

CDT to Three Mile Ridge - Shuttle:

20.0 miles. Singletrack and gravel road. 2975' Up and 5420' Down. High 8205' and Low 4550'. Two hike-a-bikes before the descent.

Hogan Creek Loop:

11.3 miles. Singletrack and gravel road. 1300' Up and Down. High 7400' and Low 6440'.  Add the NeMeePoo section for some bonus singletrack.

CDT to Elk Creek Loop:

20.1 miles. Singletrack and gravel road. 2060' Up and Down. High 7710' and Low 6475'.  Add a NeMeePoo section for some bonus singletrack.

CDT to Ruby Creek Loop:

14.8 miles. Singletrack and some gravel road. 4200' Up and Down. High 8070' and Low 6650'.

Elk Creek to Shoofly to May Creek:

23.8 miles. Singletrack. 2750' Up and Down. High 7400' and Low 6230'.

Stevenson to CDT to May:

20.3 miles. Singletrack. 4200' Up and Down. High 8200' and Low 6200'.  Hefty hike-a-biking in either direction.

This page and maps were updated Dec 2017.

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