Thursday, April 28, 2011

60 Volunteers!!

Sixty volunteers turned out for the Discovery Hill Trail Day. Amazing!! The weather was perfect and tons of projects were completed.

Trash was picked up from the roads, the MX Park and the Disco Trailhead.  Trailmarkers were installed and stickers placed on them.  Waterbars were cut in to 3 different areas of trail.  Sage was pruned back and faint sections of trail were better defined.   

After the trail work everyone ate burgers and dogs from Bob's fancy engine block grill.  The food did not last long at all.

After the BBQ several of us hit the trails on our bikes.

Thanks to the BLM and SVS for making this event happen, and thanks too for a great project.

Since the Trail Day we are seeing a lot more people using the Disco Trails.