Big Timber

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Big Timber

Big Timber Creek is in the heart of the Lemhi Mountains. Trails here are surrounded by peaks topping 11,000', some of the highest in the Lemhi Range. These trails are rugged but run on some of the best singletrack around.

The main access to Big Timber Creek is south of Leadore. Big Creek is accessed from the Pahsimeroi Valley near the booming metropolis of Patterson, ID. Snowbank Trail is accessed from Sawmill Canyon in the Little Lost River Valley near another booming metropolis; Clyde, ID.

Ride beta is below the map for Yellow Peak Loop with more coming soon.

Yellow Peak Loop:

22.0 miles. Singletrack. 4000' Up and Down. High 9700' and Low 7240'.

This page and maps were updated Dec 2017.

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