Monday, August 16, 2010

Three Mile Ridge

Three Mile Ridge is a great descent off of the Continental Divide Trail.  Starting as singletrack at the divide, the trail becomes a 4wheeler track and drops to Dahlonega Creek above Gibbonsville.

The CDT is in great shape from Chief Joseph Pass to Three Mile Ridge too.

This is another ride for the bucket list!  With rides like this so close to Salmon, Moab and Fruita seem further and further away.

CDT to Three Mile Ridge at EveryTrail

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Warm Springs Ridge

We drove north for this great shuttle. Max's dad volunteered to drop us off at the trailhead saving a bunch of drive time.

This is an amazing ride. All great single track. The first 8 miles is some climbing and rolling XC riding. Then the downhill starts, 4 miles seem like they will never end!!

The ride takes 3-4 hours and the shuttle another 1.5 hours to set up.  Bring a trail saw, there is a lot of deadfall from the 2000 fires.

Add this ride to your bucket list and call us when you are ready to check it off!  We would love to ride this one again and again.

A 2011 Note... A crew of Hamilton, MT MTB Gnomes cleared the deadfall from the trail.  There will be more tree falling on this great trail, for now however it is basically clear.  A crew from Salmon and Anchorage rode this in Sept. 2011 and we encountered 2 downed trees.  Thanks Hamiltonian MTB Gnomes!!  Next time call us and we will help.

Warm Springs Ridge at EveryTrail

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