Thursday, August 11, 2011

Big Timber Creek

Flat Iron Mountain
Big Timber Creek runs through a beautiful canyon in the Central Lemhi Range.  The trail here (Tr 6183.1) is open only to MX which makes it awesome for the Mtn Bike.  A great area for scenery, exploration riding and potential high country epics.

There are several loop options from Big Timber Creek...most of which to are MX only.
- Rocky Creek to Big Timber Creek (MX)
- Cabin Creek to Trail Creek via Big Timber (Cabin is MX, Trail is non motorized)
- Flat Iron Mtn Loop, accessed from Squirrel Creek via Big Timber  (non motorized)
- Big Timber to Middle Fork Little Timber Creek

Shuttles to Big 8 Mile rides are possible and giant shuttles in to the Pahsimeroi drainages.

These trails are over 50 miles from Salmon and just west of
Free camping can be had at the BLM's Smokey Cub Rec Site on the other side of the valley.  Closer to Big Timber Creek, camping can be had at Timber Creek Reservoir.

For reference, the track on the map below is about 10 miles long. Click the Trees for the names of the drainages.

View Big Timber Creek Area Rides in a larger map

Incomplete map and marginal quality photos for VandyPants so that we might add some pieces to the puzzle.

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