Saturday, September 10, 2011

Snowbank 4076

This loop includes the Snowbank Trail 4076 on the Challis National Forest map and is just over the pass from Big Timber Creek.  The trail is located in the headwaters of the Little Lost River north of Howe and south of the Pahsimeroi.

Approximately 15 of the 24 miles is singletrack, open to motorcycles. The rest is roads and ATV trail. Ride Counter-Clockwise.

Water is not available, bring your own, or a filter.

There are other trails in the area but are not great for mtn biking due to steepness, erosion, etc.

The trailhead is accessed from Little Lost River Valley Road 101, to Road 105, to ATV trail 4076, to Timber Creek Pass. Do not take ATV trail 4137.  An intermediate access point is the Iron Creek Trail 4078, or Redrock Creek Trail if you want to shorten your ride or have to bail out.

Help or a radio may be available for emergencies from the Fairview Guard Station in the Little Lost River Valley.

--Download the GPX for this trail--

Thanks to Wayne for providing this great ride! Keep exploring!

Snowbank Trail Loop at EveryTrail

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